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BIW Assembly lines

Ingemat offers turnkey projects for assembly lines of different Body in White components, both for parts made in Steel and Aluminum.

The production processes in these assembly lines include a wide variety of handling solutions as well as  different types of joining technologies, such as welding (resistance welding, arc welding and laser welding), hemming, bonding, clinching, riveting, etc.

INGEMAT’s specialty is the design and commissioning of assembly lines for closures (hoods, tailgates, doors, roofs, wheelhouses, etc) thanks to our extensive know-how and our wide experience in the hemming process. INGEMAT also counts on a vast number of references in the design and assembly of production cells for Upperbody and Underbody components such as , pillars, cross beams, front beams, reinforcements, etc

Due to our recent involvement in projects where new joining techniques where required, mainly linked to the use of aluminum in our projects, we have gained a relevant experience in the use of friction welding, riveting, clinching, SPR, FDS, etc, with different brands and equipment.

The services offered by INGEMAT cover from the design phase to the erection, assembly and commissioning of the installations, until the cycle time and the quality required by the customer are reached, not to forget about the production of pre-series and the after-sales service:

  • Robcad and Hemming analysis and simulation
  • Process Definition and Simulation
  • Calculation and optimization of the Cycle Time
  • 3D Mechanic, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Design
  • Electric Design
  • Automation and Control (Off-line / On-line Automation Programming)
  • Robotics (Off-line / On-line Robot Programming)

In short, turnkey projects, assuming total responsibility from the technical definition to its final realization, adapting ourselves to the requirements and the needs of the customer in terms of software tools: mechanical, electrical & CAD/CAM design programs, robots, etc

The main technologies used in the projects INGEMAT performs are the following:


  • Spot Welding
  • Arc Welding
  • Laser brazing
  • Laser welding


Hemming is a technology used by the automotive industry to join inner and outer closure panels together (hoods, doors, tailgates, etc.). It is the process of bending/folding the flange of the outer panel over the inner one.

The two hemming technologies INGEMAT offers are:

  • Table-top Hemming: It is the process of bending/folding the flange of the outer panel over the inner one by means of an automatic machine.
  • Roller hemming: It is the process of bending/folding the flange of the outer panel over the inner one by means of a standard industrial robot integrated with a roller hemming head.




BIW Assembly linesBIW Assembly linesBIW Assembly linesBIW Assembly linesBIW Assembly lines

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